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Welcome to The Secret Women's Business:

This course is based on academic theories of sociology, anthropology and semiotics (the signals which all primates have given off since the caves), as well as, used in acting, modelling and high powered marketing seminars.

It will teach you the secrets of seduction used by striptease artists, sex sirens, showgirls and movie stars.

It offers a fun filled, intelligent look at how we use non-verbal communication in our everyday lives with particular attention to the signals and signs of flirtation within the Mating Game.

The course is designed to empower women sexually, intellectually and psychologically and put some extra fun into their lives

The Secret Women’s Business Course is perfect for any gathering where women discuss sex and relationships.

It presents a unique tutorial experience which will leave every women who attends feeling more sexy, more confident and more comfortable in her own skin.

Please take the time to browse our pages, read all the drop down menus and brief yourself on all the options to tailer a package which best suits you and your group.

Then be sure and leave your contact number or email address so that one of our trained, accredited hostesses can call you, assist with any enquires and confirm your booking.